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InPage is widely used for desktop publishing and creating documents in Urdu, Arabic, and other right-to-left writing system languages. Furthermore, It is especially popular in South Asia, the Middle East, and other regions where these languages are spoken.

In Urdu, users can easily write and create content in multiple languages, and even post videos on their websites. Furthermore, Free Download is a fundamental software that allows users to write in a variety of languages including Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, and English.

InPage Download For PC is a user-friendly software that simplifies the process of composing content in various languages. Furthermore, Additionally, Furthermore, this software is compatible with other languages, making it a versatile tool for writers.

Is UI Of InPage Is Good?

Urdu Inpage Professional is a reliable and complete version of Urdu software, offering features such as version offers new features that provide ease and convenience for users. Furthermore, Urdu 2023 carries specifications and features from previous versions, Furthermore,  including Urdu 2012 and Urdu.


  • Furthermore, These four languages—Kashmiri, Pushtu, Kurdish, and Hazargi—are supported.
  • People may alter the keyboard’s layout to suit their needs.
  • Furthermore, Adopting the CMYK color space
  • Backing up your data regularly
  • It’s possible to create several copies of backups.
  • In addition to the border mentioned above and outline designs, there are many more.
  • We have complete support for inserting OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) objects.
  • Different Typefaces


  • Furthermore, the Correction of Image Contrast and Brightness
  • A Photographic Reflection
  • Location of the Center of Interest in a Photographic Image
  • Look at the pictures without opening them.
  •  Furthermore, Exporting to an EPS file allows for the CMYK color separation often used in the printing industry.


  • Linking and unlinking text boxes
  • Automatically created lines connect the columns of text boxes.
  • Text Boxed In
  • Variety of Borders
  • Special Paste
  • 360-degree spin
  • Polygonal Drawing Tool with a Scale
  • Furthermore, Grouping and ungrouping objects is an option.
  • We’ve gone all in on OLE client support.
  • OLE server functionality is available for InPage.


  • Furthermore, Nastaliq text is automatically kerned to remove whitespace and make the lettering seem more calligraphic.
  • Adds automatic Kashida encoding to Arabic fonts
  • Spell checker for the Urdu language
  • Furthermore, the Words/characters count of the given text sequence
  • Detailed Tables of Contents and Indexes in Both English and Urdu
  • If the item is circular, the text will wrap around it.
  • Special Paste
  • Furthermore, Switch the orientation of the text in whatever way you want
  • Urdu and English Texts Are Separated
  • A Drag-and-Drop Method for Changing Text Position

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What’s New In the InPage?

  • InPage 2009 Free Download For PC can export a file created in the most recent version.
  • Only versions 2.4 and 3.61 can exchange information with one another.
  •  Furthermore, Images and tables cannot be exported using the feature.
  • Urdu Software Keyboard is a free app for iOS and Android devices (4.0 or later).
  • With the newest update of, you may type in Kashmiri without any problems.
  • Furthermore, Other typefaces exist besides the Nastaliq fonts, including an automatic kerning function.
  • Users may now search the whole of the Holy Book using the newest version (3.60) of the Quran Publishing System (QPS).
  • Furthermore, In recent times, Rs. has become an option for utilization.
  • Development of better DIY binding and unbinding tools
  •  Furthermore, Problems occur when attempting to open an older file with newer software that has Urdu colons.
  •  Furthermore, Once you know where to put the photo, you can acquire its coordinates.
  • Allah may be combined with two distinct ligatures.

What are the features of InPage?

  •  Furthermore, The Nastaliq font is used to provide a calligraphic representation of the Nastaliq script.
  • To render all Persian and Arabic characters in a way that is correct and aesthetically pleasant.
  • Furthermore, Interchanging characters between them and English and other left-to-right languages is easy.
  • Furthermore, One of its main selling points is that it is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows and has a straightforward, standardized interface.
  • Page Layout’s comprehensive features include pages, text boxes, pictures, text runaround, and various additional typographic settings.


Where can I download InPage? 

InPage can be downloaded from a range of websites, including the official InPage website and third-party download sites.

Is InPage available for Mac computers? 

No, InPage is not currently available for Mac computers.

What languages does InPage support? 

InPage Download supports a range of languages that use a right-to-Furthermore, left-writing system, including Urdu, Arabic, Sindhi, Pashto, and others.

Installation Needs

  • Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • RAM 1 GB
  • Space 300 MB

How To Download InPage?

  • Furthermore, Get InPage Download with IDM for fast downloading.
  • Choose a location for the download.
  • Unpack with Winzip.
  • Furthermore, Choose your language.
  • Press the install button.
  • Enjoy….!
  • Visit the site for more.

Download InPage

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